In this interview, Carla Troncoso discusses her experience owning her own business, Mamacita Yoga, which focuses on providing prenatal and postpartum yoga classes to moms-to-be and new moms. Despite the challenges of catering to a small, time-sensitive target market, Carla is determined to grow her business through social media and community building.

💼 Carla owns Mamasita Yoga, which offers prenatal and postpartum yoga classes.
🤰🏻 Her target market is pregnant women and new moms, which presents unique marketing challenges.
📱 Carla is utilizing social media and Facebook ads to reach her audience.
💕 The sense of community is important for her clients and she aims to provide relief, tools, and love during an hour of yoga class.
📈 Carla is determined to grow her business, despite COVID setbacks, and continue providing support and care to new moms.

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